Scientific Lab Report Procedure

Lab report

A Guide to Writing a Lab Report Procedure

A lab report procedure is often the easiest section to write because most of us love to follow a recipe. Just like you would follow all the steps and use exact measurements and even equipment given in a recipe, so should you list all these when composing the procedure of lab report. You must also indicate the variables you are measuring and equipment used to carry out the lab experiment. It is essential to give all the measurement details, including any uncertainties.

Whether the report is handwritten or type, the whole document, including the procedure, should be free of error and organized. You cannot assume a specific step is irrelevant, and thus you decide to skip it. A teacher or instructor will cross-check all the steps to ensure none is missing. If you skipped even a single step, you could receive a low grade. Besides, if your lab report is published online, someone else can opt to use your procedure, and they will not arrive at the same solution as you.

Components to Include in a Procedure of a Lab Report

Start list the equipment or material that was necessary to complete the investigation. Next, give a step by step process of how the examination was carried out. Which activities were done and in what order. If you used a procedure that was in a book or class material, give a summary of the key steps.

The information given is ideal for a standard lab report. However, the procedure can differ depending on the academic level, professor, and even institution. Some lab reports might not require you to state the processes used. Hence it is best to follow the guidelines provided because often they indicate what information to include in a specific section of a lab report.

Explain all the steps and details clearly using complete, accurate sentences. The language used should be concise to help communicate the intended message. In a scientific report, you should not use flowery language. Instead, the sentences should be written using standard scientific style without giving too many details that might bore the reader.

Each step should be straight to the point. The trick to composing a proper procedure is to take short notes and note down any major points while performing the study. Besides, a major portion of the investigation is done in a lab. As a result, you will have a clear process that you used to arrive at the results obtained. If you write a proper procedure, someone else will be able to replicate it and get the same results.

In some cases, you decided to incorporate other data collection methods and then give details of the process involved. Furthermore, include the participants and the number involved in ensuring the report was a success. Make sure the steps taken keep the results reliable, accurate, and minimizes errors.

The choice of equipment further contributes to the accuracy and validity of the result. If you added a chemical or reagent excessively even by mistake, it could alter the results. So when conducting a lab experiment, ensure the equipment used are accurate.

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