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A thesis is usually an exam to obtain a degree from an educational institution. For many students and students, the thesis is a great challenge because the lecturers require a scientific work with quotes. For many, this is the first and only encounter with scholarly writing. This leads to a great uncertainty. Finally, you want to achieve a good grade with the thesis. But you just do not have any experience and need thesis help. Is it possible to write a thesis? A thesis may also be a CAS thesis.

Write a thesis – professional and reliable

If a ghostwriter is wanted, this is a great way to have a template for a thesis written. Theses include the master’s thesis as well as the bachelor thesis. Often, lecturers also require graduate theses in secondary and continuing education institutions. The so-called specialization work is compulsory at vocational schools and they are often written in pairs. The scope here is usually 30 pages.

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Whether it’s a presentation or a written paper, ghostwriters offer professional help. They are based on the specifications of your school. They offer help for the thesis, so that the self-contained specialization work is a successful conclusion.

Ghostwriter and thesis?

In the final thesis the student usually deals with a topic himself. He researches and quotes literature. One of the most common mistakes that happens is that books are circulated and information written out, but not quoted. Thus, the work is considered plagiarism. If something is taken from books, whether it is a direct quote or just a thought, it is imperative that the source be referenced. Ghostwriters bring with them the necessary experience.

Theses are quite varied in scope. When it comes to a secondary school, the scope is sometimes only 20 pages. In contrast, there are theses of the university or an MBA program with 40-100 pages. Writing the master’s thesis, of course, the effort is many times higher.

How to write the CAS work?

You usually have to write a CAS thesis to complete the degree program. Because CAS stands for various further education degrees at universities, the abbreviation means Certificate of Advanced Studies. These are extra-occupational training courses for which at least 10 ECTS credits have to be achieved. And a course usually also includes a CAS thesis. After successful completion of the course, you will receive a CAS certificate.

In short, further education at the CAS level exists in many subjects, such as marketing, compliance, logistics, leadership and many subjects. Nonetheless, most CAS work has specific guidelines and practical relevance. As a rule, a concrete reference to the company in which one works should be produced.

CAS writing work: structure and scope

After all, the CAS work usually covers 20-40 pages and follows the classical structure of scientific papers. Because, in addition to the title page and the table of contents, it usually has to have a preface, the introduction, the main part and all directories and appendices. Furthermore, it is important that the work focuses strongly on the subject. After all, the participants in this course of study usually already proved their scientific work with the master’s thesis. Now really technical knowledge is to be processed and presented in a scientific work.