2 Ways to Develop Your Research Paper on E-Commerce

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2 Methods of Writing a Research Paper on E-Commerce

Electronic commerce is defined as conducting purchases and sales using the internet as a medium. The term arose from the introduction of cyberspace and its facilitation of online stores that people could buy and sell goods and services. The current global trends dictate that a majority of the businesses we do are transacted over the internet.

If you are compiling a research paper focused on e-commerce, there are numerous perspectives you can pursue. Although the work ahead of you is involving, picking the right approach will simplify the process. This article provides you with two ways you can use to develop a research paper on e-commerce.

Take a Historical Perspective

The internet has had humble beginnings, from assisting the military in instantaneous communication over a secured network to being accessible to anyone with a digital handset and a carrier signal. Moreover, e-commerce has also undergone numerous transitions to evolve into the global phenomenon we experience today.

This fact is a rich source of topic ideas for a research paper on e-commerce. For instance, you can highlight the various crucial milestones that contributed to the worldwide transactions present today. This line of reasoning can investigate the technologies that had the most significant influence on e-commerce. Alternatively, you can look at the history of one or all the major industry players.

On the other hand, there are laws and regulations governing e-commerce that you can cover in your research paper. Traditionally, governments strive to enact rules for businesses after they have been created. Besides, creating prohibitory or regulatory laws before-hand might stifle innovation. Nevertheless, your research paper can discuss the evolution of regulations that govern these electronically transacted businesses.

Talk about the Impact of E-Commerce on Different Stakeholders

The introduction of e-commerce has had rippling effects on traditional industries and ways of conducting business. Your research paper could look at how different aspects of our socio-economic lives have been affected by technology. As such, you can take any of the following perspectives to formulate an exciting subject to cover in your piece.

Markets and retailers have evolved significantly as a result of e-commerce. For instance, you can research the difference in market share occupied by online versus brick and mortar retailers. The two industries are diverging in growth projections, modes of business, and efficiency. Your research paper can discuss how these differences come about or compare their efficacy.

The job market has had its share of changes attributed to e-commerce. Whether positive or negative, this line of argument provides you with numerous ways of covering the issue. A social take could delve into the alterations we have made to the education systems. Alternatively, an economic perspective could discuss the standard of living as a consequence of e-commerce.

In summary, you should strive to consider the other essential elements of the research paper. Check on the grammar and vocabulary you have used in the write-up. Do not forget to go through it to ensure it is perfect.

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