2 Ways of Writing a Research Paper on Leadership

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2 Approaches to a Research Paper on Leadership

Leadership is defined as the process and skill of compelling to reach for a common objective. It involves having the capacity to formulate strategies and spur others into action. A person possessing these attributes, the leader, also has a personality and charm that people find endearing. Consequently, a group of people may be drawn to the individual to the extent of faithfully following their instructions.

A research paper centered on leadership might seem like a challenging task. Some students may assume that the topic narrow and that it would be difficult to find a suitable approach to writing the piece. This article explains two alternative ways to explore leadership in your research paper.

Focus Your Research Paper on Leadership Personalities

Have you always wondered whether leaders are born or made? You can use your research paper on leadership to find a satisfactory answer to the question. A simple approach would be to compare various famous personalities who occupied positions of authority. You can interrogate their history and cover when they started to exhibit the qualities synonymous with leadership.

On the other hand, you can use the research paper to talk about your role model—assuming they held an influential job. Discuss their historical background, their upbringing, education, social development, and influences that shaped them. Alternatively, you can delve into their leadership role. What strategies do they use to motivate others? Are they successful? What sets them apart from the rest?

Discuss the Qualities Required of a Leader

Regardless of your definition of leadership, three things persist. First, the process must involve a group of people. Secondly, there must be a form of motivation to get the persons to act. Finally, the actions of the individuals must be supplementary and directed towards a particular objective. Through these three factors, you can develop different ways to approach your research paper on the qualities of a leader.

In the first instance, you can look at how different groups of people have different kinds of leaders. Culture is a significant driving force on the type of authority figures of the specific social setting. You can achieve this by comparing the societal influences on the qualities of a leader. For instance, you can look at how African authorities differ from their Asian counterparts.

What kind of qualities should a leader possess to have the ability to influence people? You can answer this question by looking at the theories put forward on how the masses are inspired. Alternatively, you can delve into the processes involved in motivating crowds. Remember to focus your research paper to highlight the elements that a person has to be able to encourage others.

In summary, the numerous kinds of leadership styles offer plenty of room to build a comprehensive research paper on the subject. You can take a comparative approach or discuss the effectiveness of a specific one. Do not forget to use peer-reviewed literature for your research paper. Also, you must use the correct structure. Proofread your piece to remove any grammatical errors.

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